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Ambius Moss Wall

Scandinavian Reindeer Moss, effortlessly transforms the space, adding charm and elegance

Ambius Moss wall is a unique solution with a big impact. 

Natural Iceland Moss is carefully collected in sustainable and eco-friendly way. Harvested by hand, carefully sorted and pre-cleaned and preserved using 100% eco-friendly components. It guarantees highest quality Moss. 


Moss Wall

The Moss element is designed to cover large surface areas with maximum flexibility in shape and design and smaller areas with tailored shapes and sizes. A big impact solution with no maintenance costs.

  • High Class Sound Absorber
  • 100% Natural
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Does not attract plant pests
  • Has no electrostatic charge and therefore does not attract dust 



 L 580mm x W 380mm x H 50 - 55mm 

Available in: Forest, Grass, Verde

Warranty: 12 months 

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