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Breathe life into any commercial space

Ambius Tambour Units are the ideal cost effective solution that effortlessly transform to a designed green and healthy indoors.

5 plants great at purifying indoor air

Plants work wonders in removing pollutants from indoor air and facilitating healthier work environments. Check out five plants that work especially well.

Sustainability + Plants = Perfect Match

When we discuss sustainability, do we think about indoors? Research shows that plants can contribute to a healthy and sustainable indoor environment.

Before and after: Impact of plants

Indoor plants help create beautiful work spaces. Check out some before and after shots that highlight the impact of plants in different areas.

LivePicture – Art That Lives

Introducing LivePicture, a beautiful, smart and innovative mini green wall option for your business. Add some natural beauty to your walls with LivePicture.

Why indoor plants are a necessity

5 reasons why indoor plants are a necessity and how plants can improve your bottom line.