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At Ambius we are committed to creating indoors that thrive, delivering healthier spaces that promote wellbeing.

Ambius stands at the forefront of Indoor Plantscaping solutions, bringing cutting-edge global innovations with a local approach and emphasis. Our primary objective is to enhance indoor spaces by revitalizing aesthetics and introducing a plethora of health benefits that plants offer.

Our main focus lies in creating thriving and empowering environments that prioritize health and well-being. With a dedicated team of design, installation, and service experts, we orchestrate indoor transformations that benefit not only the staff but also the customer experience and brand image.

Through ongoing investments in research, specifically targeting well-being and aligned with product innovation, as well as our team of Interior Plantscape Consultants and horticultural experts, Ambius takes the lead in crafting people-centric environments. We possess the expertise to design, calculate, and deliver a new era of indoor spaces.

Air Purifying Indoor Plants: New Scientific Study! 

Tune in to listen to the Plants Grow Here Podcast where Dr Fraser Torpy, UTS and Johan Hodgson Ambius share the groundbreaking insights into the research findings and the formula that enables healthy and thriving plants.

‛Not only does this study confirm the air purifying indoor plant claims, but they've completely revolutionised the way that we should be approaching indoor air quality as a society.’

Click to listen the full podcast below: 

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Indoor plants can remove toxic petrol fumes from indoor air, according to a world-first study by researchers at the University of Technology, Sydney.

The study was led by University of Technology Sydney (UTS) bioremediation researcher Associate Professor Fraser Torpy, in partnership with leading plantscaping solutions company Ambius.

“At Ambius, we see over and over again the effects plants have in improving health, well-being, productivity and office attendance for the thousands of businesses we work with. This new research proves that plants should not just be seen as ‘nice to have,’ but rather a crucial part of every workplace wellness plan.


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