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Ambius Green Wall plants selection

Our passion is transforming indoors into thriving and healthy spaces that stand out. Through a selection of Ambius portfolio of plant species suited for our Green Wall solutions we assist in achieving a specific design that delivers the vision and goals for your indoors.

Green Walls are a unique solution for any indoors. With Ambius portfolio of Green wall options there is a fit for every space. A grand design with the Built in Green Wall, flexibility of a Mobile Green Wall, Vertical Towers right through to our smallest green wall solutions such as Live Picture and Live Picture Go. These are brought to life through the plant species selection. 

Green Wall plants are smaller in size and unique in the various colours and shapes of the foliage. When installing these are strategically positioned to create the design of your Green Wall. 

Green wall plants range

Ambius portfolio of Green Wall plant species offers a range of design options that create the green wall solutions that meet the design brief and goals for your space. 

These four plant species are most commonly used, however we also provide other species as well that create different finishes.  


Calathea (Marantacea)

Calathea plants are a part of the family of plants known as Marantaceae, which is a species of flowering plants from tropical areas such as Africa. They are famous for their wide, green, colourful leaves.
Calathea plants do not like the cold very much. They are from
tropical areas of the world and prefer warmer temperatures,
between 18°C – 30°C.


Light: low and medium light levels.
Pot Size: Available in 200mm pot size.
Height: 30cm – 60cm
Weight: 2.35kg – 2.65kg


Cissus (Grape Ivy)

Cissus rhombifolia is an evergreen climber that originates in the tropical parts of North America. It is densely covered in lush green leaves that are diamond shaped with irregularity toothed margins (the edges of leaves) and rust coloured, hairy undersides.


Cissus  thrives best in areas with temperatures between 15 C - 32 C.



Light: Medium

LUX: 400-1500

Pot Size: 140mm - 200mm

Height: 150mm - 400mm

Weight: 2kg - 3kg


Syngonium (Arrow Head Vine)

Syngonium is a genus of flowering plants in the family Araceae. Native to tropical rainforests in southern Mexico, the West Indies, Central and South America.
Syngonium thrives best in areas with temperatures between 16 C - 30 C.


  • Light: Medium 
  • LUX: 400-1500
  • Pot Size: 140mm
  • Height: 100mm - 400mm
  • Weight: 325g - 500g

Philodendron Congo Rojo

Philodendron Congo is native to South America, it is a very durable plant that has large, thick, glossy leaves that grow in an upright position. Congo Rojo refers to the shiny new leaves that are beautiful shiny red, before maturing into deep burgundy.


Prefers warm temperatures. Does not like prolonged periods of cold temperatures. 




Light: Medium

LUX: 400-1500

Pot Size: 170mm, 200mm

Height: 200mm - 500mm

Weight: 250g - 500g


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