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Christchurch indoor landscaping solutions

Assisting Christchurch businesses to create healthy and vibrant indoors through a portfolio of Ambius indoor plantscaping solutions. We deliver innovative solutions that promote wellbeing for your business in Christchurch.

Our Christchurch team of interior plantscape design experts and horticultural specialists offer a wide range of indoor plantscaping solutions; contemporary containers, green wall range of options, quality plants as well as custom/bespoke solutions. Across various sectors; government, mining, finance, business services, education, retail, hospitality and more, we transform the indoors into thriving spaces that promote wellbeing.

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Expert indoor plantscaping services near you in Christchurch

Our team of local experts work with you to create vibrant indoors, that transform your environment into a healthier space that promotes wellbeing, enabling your people to thrive and your clients to feel amazing.  

Our Christchurch branch covers these areas:

Christchurch | Lyttleton | Kaiapoi | Rangiora | Amberley | Kaikorua | Rolleston | Lincoln | Akaroa | Ashburton | Westport | Greymouth | Hokitika | Arthurs Pass Twizel

Our Christchurch branch services include:

  1. Indoor plants
  2. Plant containers: Desktop comntainers, floor standing, hanging, trough
  3. Green wall range
  4. Custom / bespoke solutions

Indoor plantscaping services in Christchurch

Christchurch is known throughout New Zealand and beyond as the Garden City, due to its many public and private green spaces. The city boasts many parks, rivers and a typically English-style layout of central square and parallel streets running north to south and east to west.. As it is the case with all thriving cities with an array of entertainment options on offer the focus is heavily on the indoors. Studies show that our indoors directly impacts how we feel and in turn has an effect on our productivity, relationships with others and on our overall health and wellbeing. 

We are committed to helping businesses get the most out of the interior space. Ambius, the leader in indoor plantscaping, with our team of plantscape consultants work with you to deliver on your vision for your interior. 

With a large portfolio of clients in Christchurch we work across various sectors; government, finance, business services, education, retail, hospitality and more. Our passion is delivering transformations and creating healthy indoors that promote wellbeing. Working on projects of all sizes, with a proven track record in managing commercial interior plantscaping projects delivering amazing, healthy indoors where people thrive is our goal.

Science and Innovation
Our team continually develops innovative solutions in collaboration with reputable organisations. Ensuring we provide the latest interior plantscaping design trends along with latest scientific research developments focused on the benefits that indoor plants provide.
Local horticultural experts
Our team of horticulturalists share over 120 years of experience, delivering the highest quality service and advice that create a vibrant indoor environment that promotes health and wellbeing.
Trusted expertise

Transforming Kiwi indoors since 1997, delivering solutions in line with the latest trends in the market setting the industry standard in interior plantscaping.

Frequently asked questions

We work closely with you to ensure that your indoors are vibrant and provide the best for your staff and clients, promoting ndoor health and wellbeing.

If you have any questions about Ambius solutions for your business or project, contact Ambius Christchurch or search frequently asked questions from business owners just like you. 

Can you service and maintain my existing plants?

We provide three options to choose from for your business:

Hire, Maintenance and Replacement: where we supply your containers and plants, and maintain them regularly/replace where necessary to make sure they are healthy and provide your indoors with all the benefits plants provide. 

Maintenance and Replacements: Want your own bespoke design? Ambius can help source your containers. Meaning that  you own your containers and Ambius will hire, maintain and replace your plants. 

Product purchase: Purchase your plants and containers outright. You can still have peace of mind, by leaving the maintenance to us. We take care of your plants, and replace where necessary, making sure they are healthy and looking great. 


What is Sub irrigation?

Precise water delivery method that ensures the plants get the right amount of water, extending the life of the plant. 

Water is poured into the reservoir of Ambius custom and/or bespoke container. The wick absorbs the water up from the reservoir to the root of the plant by Osmosis. There are many benefits of sub irrigation; it is cost effective, requires less interruption and quicker servicing, enables healthier plants, reduces plant pests and disease to name a few.

Where are you located in Christchurch?

We have a strong presence throughout New Zealand, with our office based in Christchurch. 
Our global presence and experience is delivered through a local approach, meaning we bring the latest solutions and innovations to customers around New Zealand.      

What are the most popular plants in Christchurch?

Monstera, Zamioculcos, Ficus Lyrata, Kentia Palm, Heartleaf