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Ambius Subirrigation solution

Our subirrigation solution is a sophisticated best practice that provides multiple benefits for your indoors.


What is subirrigation

Subirrigation is a precise Sustainable method of watering where water is delivered under the grow pot and absorbed upwards via a wick. 

Subirrigation is available on Ambius containers, bespoke solutions and client owned.


How it works

  • The water is poured into the container, the wick at the bottom of the grow pot takes the water up to the roots of the plant by osmosis

  • Osmosis is the movement of water from an area of high concentration which is how the plant roots draw water to soil. 

  • The wick acts as a prosthetic root with access to a reservoir that is able to take water up on it’s own terms.


Why subirrigation?

  • Better for the health of the plant, extends plant life 

  • Water reservoir holds enough water between servicing, providing peace of mind especially during warmer conditions

  • Using cone liners provides a sealed, leak proof solution

  • Reduced shock to plants, as water is able to reach room temperature in reservoir

  • Reduced plant pests and disease

  • Enables the plants to effectively remove VOC’s thus improving Indoor Air Quality

  • Longevity of topping condition (top watering stains)


Benefits of subirrigation?

  • Healthier plants that thrive

  • Quicker, less intrusive servicing 

  • Sealed solution

  • Cost effective 

Sealing your containers:

We waterproof your containers which ensures there are no leaks onto the floor or onto cabinets.

Preparing your containers:

We prepare your containers, adding sub-irrigation, making sure they are ready for planting

Seek Case Study

Ambius delivered a range of solutions for the Seek new headquarters that provide amazing fresh, usable and agile space. 615 Containers and over 2,394 indoor plants was used in the design that represents Seek culture of putting ‘people first’ and promoting collaborative environment. Now this transformed space is the pillar of an innovative workplace for Seek offices globally.

Browse through some of our subirrigation projects:

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