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Seek Case Study

Seek’s purpose is to help people live more fulfilling and productive working lives and help organisations succeed. Seek ANZ operates from 4 offices in Australia and 3 offices in New Zealand.

The brief

Seek’s new home is located in an architecturally unique contemporary building that stretches across 7 floors with 19,000sqm of floor space.

The vision for the new headquarters was to provide amazing, fresh, usable and agile space. Designed to represent Seek culture that ‘puts people first’ and promotes a collaborative environment, now this transformed space is the pillar of an innovative workspace for Seek globally.

The solution

Ambius plantscaping solutions housed throughout create a vibrant addition that welcomes staff, clients and visitors into a thriving, vibrant space.

The entry/foyer

The first impression of the Seek building is of the bespoke containers in matte black that frame the entrance walkway that house striking Ambius plants. As standard, these containers utilise our sub irrigation technology that helps plants to continue to thrive and allows for discreet servicing.

Reception area

A wide range of Ambius solutions enhance the reception area, balancing and complimenting the wood tones in the form of cluster displays that create a warm, welcoming experience to the area.

Waiting areas

Throughout the waiting area the plantscaping design of various containers continues. Using a range of Ambius desktop and floor standing solutions planted with a variety of plant species creating a multidimensional feel to the space.

Social/common areas

Leveraging the natural sunlight, our specialists ensured that the kitchen and seated area was surrounded by vibrant green solutions to create a space that people enjoy sharing.

Shared Spaces

The meticulous design aims to reflect the collaborative culture within Seek, with all areas offering a welcoming green space. A number of stakeholders and specialist groups involved in the project were centred on achieving an array of focus, collaborative areas.

The workstations

The workstations throughout the building utilise Ambius custom and container solutions that divide and frame the stations as well as creating specific sections of this open plan office.

The results

With staff slowly returning to the workplace Seek Facilities Manager Matt Colyer says the design that now incorporates interior plantscaping is encouraging return to work within the new norms of working.

‘The plants is one of the first observations our people make when exploring the new space. Clearly from an anecdotal perspective it has been well worth the investment. The feedback has been really positive and the plantscaping have provided a very different experience of the workplace than what our teams were previously used to. The scale alone, you just really appreciate it until you walk through the front doors.’*

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