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Ambius commitment to our people, environment and communities

At Ambius we are committed to creating healthier, better environments. Nurturing and restoring the outdoors and improving the indoors. Creating healthier spaces where wellbeing thrives.

At Ambius, we are committed to operating in a way that gives back and minimises impact on the environment. We aim to achieve this through the combination of; innovative research, corporate policies, training and the deployment of appropriate technology. We strive to continue making Ambius a sustainably green company, thanks to a focus on reinvesting savings from reduced fuel and energy usage into our environmental programs.


Digital Technology

By increasing our use of technology, we have significantly reduced the amount of paper and fuel as part of our business operations. Actions include:

  • Shift away from paper to electronic material for sales and service teams.
  • The use of teleconference technology, which has significantly reduced our need for business travel.
  • Delivering sales and service training via video, which has also reduced need for travel.

Plants, water and soil

We actively use sub-irrigation a system in our pots, which reduces the overall amount of water plants need to survive and encourages improved root development. The result is healthier plants with more efficient use of fertiliser nutrients, and fewer soil-dwelling pests. This also leads to fewer replacements of plants, which helps Ambius run a greener, more efficient service.

Our Ambius accredited nursery uses sophisticated technology to measure the amount of fertilizer given to plants whilst they are growing. They are always working towards more energy-efficient technology available to heat and run their greenhouses.

We sell pre-loved plants regularly at each of our branch locations. Those that we cannot sell, we often donate them to schools, staff and the community. When we dispose of any plants, it is done as green life matter.


Our pots/containers are made using a variety of materials, each with different environmental profiles. Before final disposal, many plant containers can be given a new lease of life by refurbishing them or repainting them. Many plant containers are made from materials that are easy to recycle, and some are made from recycled materials as well. 

Our Sustainably Green program involves the development of a range of products, services and techniques, delivered to our customers. As a result one of our main product lines is available as a fully recycled and Volatile Organic Compound free option. 

We have implemented an eco-pebble, which is made from recycled homewares and computer materials as a green solution for clients' toppings needs. This helps safeguard our global rivers and streams from having to pillage for real pebbles. Our eco-pebble is also a much lighter product, which reduces the risk of handling and cost of transport/freight.




Ambius is committed to providing a fully maintained fleet of vehicles and ensure they are performing at optimum level to reduce their environmental impact. Ambius also ensures that our technicians spend less time on the road and more time with customers, which further reduces carbon emissions.

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