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Ambius Indoor Plants

Indoor Plants help us connect to nature while delivering an array of benefits to your business and people.

Indoor plants are an aesthetically pleasing addition to any space that also transforms indoors into vibrant, healthy spaces that stand out.

Research shows that indoor plants provide a multitude of important benefits to the indoors. A powerful solution to healthier indoors, positively impacting businesses by improved productivity, focus, relationships through an improved wellbeing.


Table top plants

A wide selection of Ambius Indoor Plant species allows for a perfect fit to a range of table top solutions.  Desktop containers, top of cabinet displays as well as custom/bespoke desktop solutions.


Floor plants

Ambius choices in floorstanding container designs are extensive. With an extensive range of plant sizes to suit as well as multiplanting solutions and our best practice subirrigation, creation of indoor transformations is easy.  



Green wall plants

Our selection of indoor plants provide solutions specifically suited for Green Walls. Available in smaller sizes and specific varieties suited to Green Wall planting specifications. Allowing creation of an innovative and unique design.


Hanging Plants

Ambius hanging container solutions are innovative and different, which means the species that suit best are plants such as Pothos. 

A climbing cascading plant that is easily adaptable for various planting options.


Ambius Maintenance

Ambius provides you with peace of mind by taking care of your plants. Our service solutions covers everything to ensure that your plants remain healthy and continue to thrive.

Science and innovation
Our team continually develops innovative solutions in collaboration with reputable organisations. Enabling us to provide the latest interior plantscaping design trends along with scientific research developments on the benefits that indoor plants provide.
Local horticultural experts
Our team of horticulturalists share over 120 years of experience, delivering the highest quality service and advice that create a vibrant indoor environment that promotes health and wellbeing.
Trusted expertise
Transforming New Zealand indoors since 1987, delivering solutions in line with the latest trends in the market, setting the industry standard in interior plantscaping.

Plants insights

Why indoor plants are a necessity

5 reasons why indoor plants are a necessity and how plants can improve your bottom line.

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