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Hanging pots/containers

Beautiful greenery is not limited just to your walls, desks or floors. Ambius has two hanging container options we're sure you'll love! Check them out today!

Hanging containers are a great feature in any indoor space; office, meeting room, hallway or entry, but they are also be a valuable asset to your business. Adorning your premises with vibrant plants not only improves the overall look, it also delivers multiple benefits that plants provide, in turn promoting your staff and visitors wellbeing.


Corinda 22

'The Corinda 22 hanging basket takes an ordinary pot and transforms it to an attention-grabbing option for your space. 

  • Effortlessly becomes the hero in the space
  • Conversation starter
  • Popular choice thanks to its unique look
  • Various finishes deliver different looks in the space
  • Suits various indoor colour palettes and styles



L260mm x W260mm x H220mm

Material: fibreglass, wood 

Available colours: white, wood

Suggested plants: Pothos, Sansevieria Arrangement


Sky Planter

Sky Planter is an innovative, attention-grabbing solution for your indoors.

  • Save space "with a twist"
  • Out of the ordinary design certainly draws attention
  • Popular option for spaces with little floor or desk space
  • Often selected as hanging clustering solutions



L190mm x W190mm x H230 mm

Material: ceramic 

Available colours: white 

Suggested plants: Pothos

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