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Ambius LivePicture is an exciting new concept that brings together inspiring artwork and the natural beauty of indoor plants. Using live plants we can still benefit from the aesthetic as well as the health benefits that plants bring.

Self-contained, LivePicture is a wall-mounted plant display that can be used instead of traditional interior green walls and they perfectly complement the existing range of containers Ambius has to offer. If space is an issue LivePicture will look just as stunning on its own.



Perfect size live picture that is a green wall only smaller. It fits just about anywhere yet it delivers a grand effect that certainly draws attention. Clever design allows discreet and easy servicing. 

Perfect for areas that may have limited floor space, like meeting rooms, reception areas, hallways and more.



L 720mm x W 70mm x H 720mm 

Available in: white, custom

Grow pot: 9 x 140mm

Suggested plants: Scindapsus aureus 'pothos

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