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Indoor plantscape design services to complement healthcare

Innovative portfolio of indoor plantscape design solutions that help healthcare sector create vibrant, healthy indoors that promote wellbeing and enable patience and staff to thrive.

Vibrant indoors are vital to our health and wellbeing. Research shows most of us spend up to 90% of our day indoors and considering that indoor air can be 2- 5 times more polluted than outdoors this can have a big impact on us.

Ambius range of indoor plantscape solutions provide your indoors with a complete transformation, creating aesthetically improved indoors as well as providing multiple benefits of indoor plants; such as improving indoor air quality by  removing Volatile Organic Compounds, Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide commonly found in all indoor environments.

Consultation and design solutions

Committed to helping you get the most out of your interior space. Working with you our Interior Plantscape consultants assist in the planning and design process: Understanding your vision and needs is at the core of our planning Carrying out measurements and light readings Recommendation on the right plants and container solutions based on lighting, design requirements and budget.

Installation and complete service offering

Our expert horticultural service team instals and regularly maintain your plants, implementing key horticultural service practices: Watering, cleaning, pruning and trimming, integrated pests and disease management, fertilising and replacing the plants if necessary. Ensuring your indoors continue to thrive and plants continue to provide benefits for your staff and clients.

Bespoke / Custom solutions

By far our most popular service is our custom/bespoke solutions that allow Ambius to work with clients to bring ideas to life. The charm of bespoke/custom offering is that it offers flexibility in design and provides tailored solutions specifically designed for your space.

Smart shared spaces and safely distanced indoors

Taking interior plantscaping one step further, we help you create indoors that are functional, safely distanced, sectioned off and vibrant. Our solutions are ideal for sectioning off open plan interiors, separating common areas, controlling foot traffic, social distancing, cueing guides and much more. Our team's expertise allows us to provide the right solution for your space. Vibrant and designed indoors that promotes health and wellbeing for your patients, staff and guests

Flexible Modular spaces

As the needs for the indoors shift towards the new emerging trends show there is a need for utilising the interior space in multiple ways for various needs. Our modular solutions are a great solution, taking the space from a small waiting room to a larger open vibrant space is easy with the right solutions that are aesthetically pleasing and provide multiple benefits to the indoors.

Benefits of indoor plants

Indoor pollution and toxins are a rising concern. Most indoor items and processes emit harmful toxins. Indoor plants are powerful in removing these nasties. Through a process of photosynthesis indoor plants naturally absorb toxins, break them down and release oxygen back into the indoor air. Benefiting us by improving indoor air quality which in turn has multiple benefits, such as reducing stress and negative mood feelings. Creating improved environments for your patients, guests and staff. The charm of bespoke/custom offering is that it offers flexibility in design and provides tailored solutions specifically designed for your space.

Innovative vibrant solutions that bring your indoors to life

Ambius portfolio of innovative solutions paired with our team’s expertise in indoor design helps you transform your interior into amazing, vibrant spaces. Enabling your patients and staff to thrive and your guests to feel amazing.

Contemporary Container design

Our expansive range of containers is a perfect fit for any indoors. A selection of desktop, floorstanding and hanging solutions, in an array of colours and finishes, ensures they complement any indoor colour scheme and palette.

Indoor Plants

Our selection of quality indoor plants spans across all light levels and are grown in the indoor environment conditions, ensuring they continue to thrive in your space. Propagated, sourced, on-grown and distributed New Zealand wide from our Ambius Accredited Nursery.

Green wall solutions

Our selection of green walls creates an instant indoor oasis perfect for your space. Various solutions are available that meet the needs of any space. Large built in solutions, mobile green walls, vertical gardens right through to our smallest wall mounted green wall solution. An ideal solution for Green star rated projects as green walls house multiple plants.

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