Green Buildings

Most indoor plants are installed in businesses because they look great, they help improve image and they help inspire workers by bringing nature indoors. For most businesses these are reasons enough, but there is a growing body of scientific research that shows significant health, well being, productivity and air quality benefits for workplaces.

Based on this research the Green Building Council of New Zealand includes indoor plants in their assessment for Green Star interior rating buildings. Ambius is a member of the Green Building Council New Zealand and supports the green building movement through a range of interior plantscaping products and services that can help developers achieve some of their Indoor Environment Quality sustainability goals. More importantly, they allow building operators to deliver environments that enhance the experience of the end user. 

Green Buildings


Indoor plants can score 2 credit points towards the office interiors rating – the equivalent of interior lighting.  More and more buildings in New Zealand are becoming Green Star rated and are enjoying the benefits of indoor plantscaping to help make their business greener, healthier and more productive.

For the full details or more information on the Green Building Council New Zealand’s green star program see or ask the experts at Ambius how we can bring life to your space.

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