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Latest Containers

With an ever-expanding range of indoor plant varieties and contemporary container designs available, we offer the very latest in indoor planters, containers, and plantscaping design for maximum effect. 

Here are a few of the latest and greatest…or view our full catalogue of containers online. 

Zoie Planter 

The world of indoor planters is being taken to a new level with ‘Zoie’, the latest creation from reigning IDEA Designer of the Year, Helen Kontouris. 

Named after the Greek word for “living thing”, Zoie is a hot new designer planter available exclusively through Ambius. 

The fully recyclable pot is available in three different sizes (small desktop, medium and large) with a two leg version referred to as ‘Zoie - Sophia’ and a three leg version named ‘Zoie - Anouk’.   

They feature a two tone colouring scheme – one colour on the inside, the other on the outside. The medium and large planters are moulded with sub-irrigation ability for indoor and outdoor use. 

Made from polyethylene, the planter is free of VOCs – Volatile Organic Compounds – which means the product does not emit gases often associated with new products such as carpets, furniture and cars and makes it much more consumer and green friendly.  

Zoie Planter

The new Zoie Planter available in a variety of size and colour options.

Rustica Planter 

The Rustica Planter from Ambius is available in either a glossy white or black finish or brushed timber look.  With an interesting boat shape design, and commanding size, the Rustica can create quite an impression with a designer look that won’t break the budget. 

Rustica Planter

The Rustica Planter – offers simple understated designer look

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