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Green Walls & Vertical Gardens

In modern large, open plan offices, the space is frequently divided by screens, either to provide a limited amount of privacy or to segregate different functions within the space.  

Instead of regular screening, we offer a “green” solution with a selection of fresh, innovative plantscaping ideas, to create an instant soothing green zone for busy, stressed out workers, including:

  • Stunning vertical garden walls
  • Special green zones for busy open plan environments
  • Planting displays to help absorb noise and improve acoustics

Schiavello Vertical Garden

For a screen divider with a difference, you can’t go past the Schiavello vertical garden tower from Ambius.  This vertical garden display looks sensational and is big on design, offering a mass planting of very small plants in pots.  

Vertical Garden

Green Walls

Other living, green walls can be created by Ambius e.g. a climbing vine effect can product an instant green zone and green wall solution.

When people walk into a room with these, it has an instant effect – helping to sooth and de-stress busy office workers.  This helps the bottom line by improving staff productivity and well being.  And let’s not forget that all indoor plants, are working hard to remove the nasties from the air.  They look great and will help clean the air, making them a busy office must-have!

Vertical Garden

And like all our products, it’s not just the looks that counts…we back our plants up with excellent service and look after your indoor plants displays to ensure they stay healthy and well maintained.

Want to see some real life examples?

Read how some of our clients benefited from green zones. Download case studies from some of our clients in New Zealand and Australia:

View our indoor plant container catalogue online.

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