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Custom Interior Plantscaping

Looking for something different? Are you after something unique that puts you ahead of your competitors or helps position and enhance your brand?  Do you want to create an inspirational nature space in your building? Do you have an unusual space or a large void or atrium and are needing inspiration on suitable interior plantscaping solutions?  Do you have a 'dead' or dark wall that needs a facelift with greenlife? Everyone is different and we love a challenge and are trained to help with even the most unusual requests.

The process begins with a visit from one of our trained interior plantscaping consultants who will assess your needs, your lighting, colour schemes, design ideas and budget requirements.

At this point, we’d love you to share your creative ideas with us. Alternatively, sit back we are happy to provide plantscaping design ideas to create the look you are after.

Enquire now about creating a custom plantscaping design for your space:

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Custom Interior Plantscaping

Custom Interior Plantscaping from Ambius

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