Sustainably Green products and services

An important aspect of our Sustainably Green programme is the development of a range of products, services and techniques that we will offer our customers which will be the 'greenest of the green'. We want our customers to have the assurance that our supply chain is as sustainable as we can make it and that Ambius offers the greenest interior landscaping services available anywhere in the world. We will also include those products and plants with known benefits to the indoor environment, such as the species with known qualities for improving air quality or absorbing noise. More information on the use of plants in Green Buildings, or as part of a sustainable building management system can be found in our white paper, "Plants in Green Buildings".

Ambius Sustainably Green questionnaire for potential suppliers

If you are interested in supplying sustainable products to Ambius, then please complete our survey.

This questionnaire will ask you to explain why your products are especially sustainable and what actions you are taking to make your company as environmentally-responsible as possible.  If your company can satisfy our criteria for sustainability, and you have products of interest to Ambius, then you will be invited to register as an approved supplier to the Rentokil Initial group.

We hope you will join us in our quest to make Ambius a genuinely sustainably green company. We would be happy to help, advise and share our experiences with any of our suppliers in developing their own environmental programmes.

If you have any questions or would like advice on completing the questionnaire, then please contact Kenneth Freeman [email protected].

0508 262 487

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