Reducing our carbon footprint

Ambius's Carbon Action Plan

Working with dcarbon8, Ambius has adopted a long-term plan to reduce our carbon footprint. During 2010, we will set in motion a number of strategies to reduce our vehicle fleet fuel consumption by 10 – 15% and our building energy consumption by a broadly similar amount. We will achieve this by a combination of operational changes, corporate policies, training and the deployment of appropriate technology.

By reinvesting savings we make from reduced fuel and energy usage into our environmental programmes, we are confident that we will be able to make Ambius a sustainably green company.

We have already put in place a number of actions to reduce our environmental impact over and above those detailed in our carbon action plan. These include:

Digital technology

We have significantly reduced the amount of paper and fuel we use in the company from the use of digital technology by introducing:

  • Electronic marketing materials
  • The use of teleconference and video conference technology, which has significantly reduced our need for business travel.
Image representing Ambius Digital Technology

Plants, water and soil

We reuse plants where possible. If we're not able to reuse them then we often donate them to schools, or they are shredded and composted.

The use of subterranean irrigation systems in our plant containers reduces the overall amount of water needed to keep the plants healthy and encourages improved root development. This all means healthier plants with more efficient use of fertilizer nutrients, and fewer soil-dwelling pests as well.

Our Nurseries use sophisticated technology to measure the amount of fertilizer given to plants whilst they are growing. Also, our nurseries are working towards more  energy-efficient technology available to heat and illuminate their greenhouses.


Our containers are made from a variety of materials, each with different environmental profiles. Before final disposal, many plant containers can be given a new lease of life by refurbishing them or repainting them. Many plant containers are made from materials that are easy to recycle, and some are made from recycled materials as well.

Another important aspect to Sustainably Green is the development of a range of products, services and techniques that we will offer our customers that will be the ‘greenest of the green’. We invite our suppliers to join us on our journey and have asked them to identify their most sustainable products and to a commitment to make their own companies as environmentally-responsible as possible.

Find out more about our Sustainably Green products and services.

Download the Ambius Carbon Action Plan Executive Summary pdf (143kb)

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