During 2009, Ambius started on a journey to a more sustainable future. We have long recognised and promoted the environmental benefits of the services we offer, especially interior plants, and we are confident that they will feature in many more green building management programmes in the near future.

This is all well and good, but if Ambius doesn’t manage itself in a sustainable fashion, then the benefits of our services are compromised or negated by our own practices. That is why Ambius has measured its greenhouse gas emissions throughout Europe, North America and South Africa and is following comprehensive carbon action plan.

Ambius's Carbon Footprint

The total carbon footprint of Ambius in the countries we measured during 2010 was a little under 16,000 tonnes CO2e.  Once changes in emissions factors are taken into account, this is an improvement of over 10% on the previous year.  Some highlights include:

  • 13% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions per employee to 10.7 tonnes CO2e
  • 19% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions per square metre of premises floor space (0.13 tonnes CO2e / m2 GIA)
  • 57% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions associated with waste sent to landfill
  • 5% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions produced by our vehicle fleet

Our greenhouse gas emissions were calculated using international standards by our London-based carbon management partners and are explained in our technical statement.

The bulk of our greenhouse gas emissions came from our vehicle fleet and the energy used to heat, illuminate and cool our buildings, but we have already made significant progress since our last report. Waste, paper and corporate travel were also important contributors to our carbon footprint, but reducing these will have a relatively small impact on our overall carbon reduction plan.

Our summary report on our emissions and plans for the next few years can be found here: GHG Emissions 2009 Summary Report

Regular Sustainably Green Updates

As we progress with the Sustainably Green Programme we will provide regular updates, so check back here to see how far we've got in reducing our environmental impact, which in turn will help our clients reduce their impact. There's still a fair way to go, but we've taken the first steps without compromising our range of products or high level of service.

Read more about our Sustainability Green initiatives:

Ambius, part of Rentokil Initial, has maintained its position in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. Find our more on the Rentokil Initial website.

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