Fitness and Health

Your gym interior should reflect the reasons why people go to a gym. Be healthier and as a result look better.

We’ll help you choose the plants that create the right look for your brand and your customers. We can help by designing indoor plants that can help screen off certain areas or for yoga rooms to add ambiance. And we can even recommend plants and contemporary containers that soften the hard edges that are created by all the equipment.

Indoor plants are also very important in hospital, aged care and health care environments such as doctor's, dentist and other health practices. In the 1980s, Professor Roger Ulrich and his colleagues in the USA showed that hospital patients recovering from major operations suffered fewer post-operative ill effects if they had a view of nature, as opposed to a view of buildings, through their window. They were discharged sooner, had fewer post-operative side effects, such as nausea and headaches, needed fewer and weaker painkillers and were less demanding of nursing personnel.

More recently, researchers have studied the effects of indoor plants. Scientific reports from universities in Australia, US, the UK, Norway, and the Netherlands have concluded that plants may help reduce stress levels and engender feelings of wellbeing.  A good reason to include indoor plants in hospital, aged care and all health care environments.

The reason? Apparently, it may have something to do with the fact that man’s survival has always been linked to nature.

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