Green Walls: Bringing the feel of home to the office


With the popularity of reality renovation programs like ‘The Block’ comes a new generation of interior design enthusiasts. Quirky, fresh, modern and ‘green’ designs are the talk of the town. Even though these shows are reflective of residential interiors, the styles transcend to commercial premises.

The article, 6 Major Design Trends Shaping City Life, notes how businesses are replacing cubicles with more open-planned, library-feel workspaces. Offices are incorporating sofas, standing workstations, and spaces filled with plants. A plant feature springing into fashion is the ‘Green Wall’.

As we run out of green space in cities, living Green Walls can turn functional urban spaces back into something natural and beautiful. They have other significant benefits too:

  • Increase well-being and productivity: There is a large body of scientific evidence from around the world that proves the positive impact of plants on our physical and emotional health. Studies have shown that interior landscaping dramatically affects the wellbeing of your employees, clients, and visitors.
  • Regulate interior temperatures: Unlike brick or concrete, plant surfaces do not store solar energy; they reflect it. Green Walls help to actively cool the air in summer by a process called evapotranspiration, reducing the need to cool the building.
  • Reduce noise levels: Plants have long been used to reduce noise levels on freeways and other noisy roadways. Living Green Walls expand on this idea. Vegetation naturally blocks high frequency sounds, while the supporting structure can help to diminish low-frequency noise.
  • Improve indoor air quality: Plant systems “clean” the air: their leaves, roots, and potting media take VOCs like benzene and formaldehyde released by furnishings, carpets, and photocopiers from the air. They also contribute oxygen back into the indoor environment.

How can Ambius help with Green Walls?

At Ambius, you have the option to choose a Green Wall that suits your needs. We offer both mobile and built-in Green Walls.


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