It’s not just about certification


Over the past decade, businesses have approached environmental sustainability as of great importance, particularly with office buildings. In BCI Economics’ 2014 Green Building Report 2014, 80% of New Zealand respondents had been involved in a project that involved ‘green’ building elements. But only 33% pursued certification by an accredited agency.

However, only a third pursued certification by an accredited agency.

The industry is showing official certification from the Green Building Council isn’t stopping them from striving for green design.

BCI’s report showed the top motives for companies to pursue ‘green building’ principles were:

  • To achieve lower lifecycle costs
  • To contribute to the protection of the environment and attenuate the impact of global warming
  • To achieve increased building value or marketability

At the other end of the scale, the primary reasons not to adopt ‘green building’ principles in their projects were:

  • Higher cost of building materials
  • Additional time and cost of documentation
  • Additional time and cost to research materials

For us here at Ambius, that’s music to our ears. We’re already advocates of green design (well, obviously… we’re an indoor plants company!) and we know that indoor plants tick all the boxes when it comes to the top 3 motives as well as strike through the primary reasons not to adopt ‘green building’ principles:

  • Plants can help to reduce energy costs and reduce noise
  • Plants can help to regulate indoor temperature and improve air quality
  • Plants improve business perception with both staff and clients
  • Plants are relatively low cost compared to other sustainable design materials

How can Ambius help with your green design?

Ambius make designing ‘green’ easy. Discover how:

  • Working Together
  • Designing Custom Containers
  • CAD files & Spec Sheets

PS. For the record, Ambius are fully supportive of striving for Green Star accreditation! As an avid supporter of NZGBC, we work hard for our design partners and support them every step of the way to achieving Green Star certification. Find out how.


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