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The ideal large projects solution to breathe life into any commercial space

Ambius Tambour Units are a smart and charming addition that effortlessly transform any space into a refreshing, green and healthy indoors. Configurable to any commercial space, the Ambius Tambour Unit allows for a customised approach to building your new green environment.

Why Ambius Tambour Unit ?

✓ Versatile

✓ Cost effective

✓ Selection of 9 finishes

✓ Sub-irrigated

✓ Ideal for Green Star rated projects

Where to with your Ambius Tambour Unit

Often clients come to Ambius looking to create designed, healthy spaces. There are a number of options available when visualising your plantscaping. One of which is a versatile, contemporary, cost effective solution and especially important when planning large scale projects.

Whether it is a new project design or existing indoor space, Ambius Tambour Unit is a great fit when creating workspaces that provide vitality, tranquility and calm. It effortlessly fits as a solution on top of cabinets, receptions, foyers and more. 

If your space is open plan, Ambius Tambour Unit provides a great way to separate workstations and create privacy pockets for staff. It is that one solution which effortlessly adds custom contemporary design whilst providing clever utilisation of the space.

Tambour unit
Ambius Tambour Unit – the ideal top of cabinetry green solution

Impressive finish solutions

Available in a variety of colours and finishes, there will always be a consistent match that complements the existing decor and colour palette of your space.


Colour chart

The complete smart solution

Extending design into functionality, each Ambius Tambour unit is available with an internal drip tray  that comfortably fits within the Tambour container. This allows precise water delivery to your plants. An Ambius best practice sub-irrigation solution that extends the life of your plants. 

Additional smart benefit of utilising the tray is that it also acts as a seal so no need to worry about any water leaks.

Tambour unit tray

Sustainable, Green Solution

Our Ambius Tambour units are flat packed, therefore easier to transport and a great fuel efficient solution. 

Assembly is straightforward for a quality, steel, designed finish.                

Bourne for Green Star rated projects. Each Tambour container houses 3 x 200mm grow pot plants which means it is a great solution for large scale planting needs projects and satisfying the criteria for Green star rated buildings.

Simply decide on the plant choices and the look you are after. Combining aesthetics and healthy indoors in one! 


Plant choices for various results

Depending on the space, location and aesthetic requirements within your space, the Ambius Tambour unit can easily be transformed from a lush tall plant display, which is fitting to particular spaces, to a shorter and more classic look which may suit cabinet tops.

Tambour unit fact

Here are some of our recommended plants to use:

Dracaena Fragrans ‘Golden Heart’ – a favourite as it adds another dimension to the room by enriching the space with two toned  green and yellow leaves.  A real statement piece providing rich colour statement solution. 


Golden heart

Dracaena Deremensis ‘Janet Craig’ – another great option that provides that fullness to the space.  It lifts the indoor space and the leaves complement with richness of green.

Janet Craig

Zamioculcus Zamifoloa ‘Zanzibar Gem’ – is ideally suited when creating a more classic look in the indoor space.  The elegant shape of the leaves in the deep green tones adds richness while not overpowering the space.

Zanzibar gem

Ambius Tambor Units are perfect for transforming your indoor space providing a custom, versatile solution. Along with brining in a wealth of health benefits that indoor plants offer, like cleaner indoor air by reducing indoor pollution and much more. 

Find out more about Ambius Tambour Unit  and get inspiration to create healthier and greener indoors. 

Contact us and see how easy it is to reinvigorate your indoors!

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