A Global Reach

Ambius is part of two incredibly successful organisations: Ambius and Rentokil Initial plc. These companies stretch around the world.

Intimidated? Don’t be. Being part of a global company is exciting. It means that our customers and people benefit from a tremendous breadth and depth of experience. 

We may be able, for example, to recommend interior plantscaping products and services from other countries that aren’t normally available in the New Zealand market.

Or we may be able to suggest alternative ideas and designs influenced by a culture very different from our own.

Plus there is a practical benefit of being part of a market leading, international group of businesses: competitive prices. 

Every one of our Ambius offices offers a range of interior plantscaping services. They offer indoor plants, silk or replica plants and interior art – anything our customers need to create their own look and feel. Many of our offices do exterior and custom design work as well.

Local New Zealand know-how with a personal touch

Of course, our global reach wouldn’t mean a thing without our local knowledge right here in New Zealand and when it comes to the crunch, the Ambius team understand the New Zealand market and Kiwi customers like no others…we aim to give our customers the very best Ambius Kiwi service with a smile, backed up by our extensive global experience.

Ambius offer indoor plant service in all major metro areas in New Zealand including: Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Rest assured that whilst our coverage is wide, our focus is always quite clear: on delivering outstanding Service to our customers. 

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